Palace of Running Waters, one of the most characteristic buildings in Buenos Aires

Palacio de Aguas Corrientes

Decorated with more than 300,000 terracota pieces from the British firm Royal Doulton this magnificent building is certainly one that polarizes the public opinion in Buenos Aires: Some love it and some think it looks like an over decorated cake.

Whatever you think about it is really interesting seeing it with its imposing architecture and its colorful walls.

It was built between 1,887 and 1,894 by Swedish engineer Carolos A. B. Nystromer, Norwegian architect Olaf Boye and British study Bateman, Parsons and Bateman.

It’s worth visiting as it’s only a few blocks away from Avenida Santa Fe in Barrio Norte.

Whatever your thoughts about it just the level of detail you see on the works its magnificent:

Door Detail

Address: Avenida Cordoba y Riobamba.

Photos by: blmurch and Tanenhaus

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