While in Buenos Aires you MUST experience a Milonga


We have all heard about the tango shows in the city and they are fine, but if you are in Buenos Aires for a few nights you must visit a Milonga at least once.

Milongas are where the local dancers (both professionals and amateurs) go to dance tango. With a great mix of characters and people of every age, they are a great place to learn how to tango (classes before the milonga), improve your level (by dancing with different people with different styles), see some excellent dancers (usually there is a couple that performs every night) and listen to live tango with traditional tango orchestras (not in everyone). 

Another great thing about the milongas is that they open every night of the week as individual events: It’s not about the venue, it’s about the organizer and the people. So in the same space you can have different milongas on different nights. 

With fix times you might have to go to several on one night to spend the whole evening dancing (although maybe with a few hours is enough if you are not an experienced dancer) as they have fix opening and closing times.

Some of our favourites are: La Catedral (see previous photo post), Salón Canning, Porteño y Bailarín, mail us to recepcion@fierrohotel.com if you want a full list!

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