Off the beaten path: Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires (MAMBA)


Lovers of modern art are now welcome to visit the recently re-inaugurated MAMBA.  The museum closed in 2005 in order to undergo renovations which would allow for art pieces to be held under international criteria for exhibition and preservation.  On the 23rd of December of 2010 its doors reopened for the public to experience one of the most important art collections in Argentina today.

The museum, located in the neighborhood of San Telmo, is made up of two exhibition halls with two different collections. “Narrativas Inciertas” is an assembly of pieces by contemporary and up-and-coming local artists. Whilst “El imaginario de Ignacio Pirovano” displays a donated collection which includes both local and international art.  Some of the local artists exhibited include G. Stern, A. M. Heinrich, H. Cóppola, M. Minujin, S. Makarius, E. Giménez, C. Gorriarena, L. Katz, G. Messil, D. Puzzovio, D. Lamelas, C. Squirru, R. Azaro, E. Renart, J. Davidovich, C. Alonso, P. Suárez, N. García Uriburu y L. Ferrari. International artists exhibited include H. Matisse, A. Derain, P. Picasso, S. Dalí, J. Miró, W. Kandinsky, S. Delaunay, P. Mondrian, J. Beuys, M. O´Connor, C. Close, A. Miralda and A. Muntadas.

Av. San Juan 350 (C1143AAO)

Museum hours

Monday through Friday from 12 to 19 hs.
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 11 to 20 hs.

Entrance fee

AR$1. Free Tuesdays.

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