We Recommend: Don Julio, Traditional Parrilla

Meat eating whilst you’re visiting Buenos Aires is probably on your plans (unless you’re a vegetarian in which case check Inside Buenos Aires next week for veggie sugestions) and there is no place like a traditional parrilla to do it. Don Julio, in Palermo, is just that; a relaxed homey environment, good wine but most of all a great place to satiate your inner carnivore.  Their specialty is Cuadril (rump steak) but we suggest you try Entraña (skirt steak), Vacio (Flank steak), and Bife de chorizo (Sirloin) and of course the Achuras, like chorizo,  morcilla (blood sausage), molleja (sweet breads), riñon (kidney) and chinchulines (intestines) which are mandatory for a proper Parilla experience! For dessert, flan con dulce de leche is a clasic.

Guatemala 4691, Palermo


Open every day for lunch and dinner

How to order meat and coffee

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