Must See in Buenos Aires #5

Casa de la Cultura

Originally belonging to “La Prensa” newspaper, this luxurious 19th century french style building is now the governments cultural headquarter. Offering exhibitions and concerts, it is a historic and  architectural gem that is still very much alive.
Guided tours in both Spanish and English are offered every Saturday at 4PM and 5PM and also on Sundays from 11AM to 4PM (starting every hour.)
Additionally, on Fridays at 7.30PM The Golden Room hosts choral ensembles and on Sundays tango at 6PM.
If you’ve already been to Cafe Tortoni and want to try another traditional cafe close-by,  walk a couple of more blocks down Av. de Mayo to the Cafe Los 36 Billares, and team up for a game of pool.

Espacio Casa de la Cultura

Av. de Mayo 575, Subsuelo
or Av. Rivadavia 576
Te. 4323-9669

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