Our Dining Picks: Restó (Sociedad Central de Arquitectos)

(Edible flowers by Ginger Jam)
Set in the local architects society in Recoleta, this intimate French style  auteur restaurant is the favorite of many local chefs for its quality and innovative dishes. Edible flowers,  exotic vegetables  and  recommended stuffed quail are all part of  chef  Guido Tassi´s flavorful repertoire.

Montevideo 938, Recoleta
Mon-Wed from 12am – 3pm
Thur-Fri from 12am – 3pm and from 8pm – 11pm
Cash Only

2 thoughts on “Our Dining Picks: Restó (Sociedad Central de Arquitectos)

  1. We live in Los Angeles and travel to Argentina frequently. Resto at Sociedad de Arquitectos was a wonderful discovery, with a superb menu and great service. The venue location is not top, nor is the decor, but the experience is all you can expect from a very fine restaurant. High level cuisine, attentive staff, reasonable prices, We went three times and look forward to our next visit. It reminded us of the now closed (among BA top ten) Nectarine.
    Try it, you won’t regret it.

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