Where to go for Locro

(Locro by Scaredy-kat)

With national Flag Day coming up on Monday, you should get ready to try “locro.” This traditional stew prepared on national holidays is made with pumpkin, maize, beans and different combinations of meat cuts, bacon and chorizo. Find some suggested (and open) places to try this tasty satisfying meal below.

Ña Serapia

In the heart of Palermo this small traditional restaurant follows a 50-year-old locro recipe which they prepare the night before to make it more flavorful. They also make great empanadas and tamales and are very well priced!

Av. Las Heras 3357, Palermo


12-4pm y 8pm-closing

La Payuca

A great parrilla, which makes locro from May to September. They give the traditional locro recipe a twist by using meat cuts such as rose meat and warming it up in a baked clay over which make it thinker and with a smoky flavor. La Payuca also has an area for children to play in.

Arenales 3443, Recoleta



Costumbres Criollas

This small and cozy centric restaurant specializes in Tucuman style empanadas and locro. If the day is sunny, a great option is to order take out and sit in the San Martin Park to eat.

Libertador 308, Downtown


11-4pm, 7pm-12.

La Paceña

This traditional place in Belgrano is famous for its empanadas and year round low fat (or should we say lower fat?) locro recipe. Great quality, taste and price.

Echeverria 2570, Belgrano


12-3.30pm, 8-12pm

1810 Cocina regional

A small and cozy restaurant in Palermo specializing in empanadas, meat casseroles, stews and other regional delicacies.

Julian Alvarez 2000, Palermo


11-4pm, 7pm-12

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