Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Katrina Parks)

The Italian influence on the city has been imprinted in the culinary trends of Buenos Aires where Italian restaurants abound. Of the many, we´ve picked five well worth trying to satisfy the craving of a hot plate of succulent pasta to warm up to in the winter!

Amici Miei

Set on the second floor of an old house with a balcony overlooking Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo, this charming restaurant is a favorite amongst tourists and locals alike.  Their fresh ingredients and traditional Italian cooking methods ensure the quality of their dishes which is complemented by the excellent service.

Defensa 1072, San Telmo


Open Tue-Sun 8am-Closing

Gioia- Palacio Duhau

The Hyatt in house Italian restaurant offers modern Italian cuisine in an ample seating space overlooking the stunning Duhau palace and gardens. An additional plus is the Hyatt Vinoteca and cheese room where you can taste local and foreign wines and a wide selection of premium cheeses served with fresh baked breads, chutneys and dried fruits.

Posadas 1350, Recoleta

5171 1330

Open every day from 6.30Am to midnight


This traditional restaurant is the perfect place to sit in on a winters day. Cozy and warm, it is frequented by the local clientele and favored by the aristocratic ladies of the Recoleta area.  The food is fresh and abundant and their desserts, specially their chocolate semi-fredo and ice cream (which they make), are outstanding.

Av. Libertador 1098, Recoleta                   Alicia de Moreau Justo 176, Puerto Madera

4807-6691                                                     4313-1199

Open everyday from 12-4pm and 8pm-closing.
Doppio Zero

This intimate restaurant in the Cañitas area prides itself on its simple but exquisite Italian cuisine, made with few ingredients and an emphasis on quality. Offering a 7 step tasting menu, and a wonderful wine selection by owner and sommelier Mariano Akman, Doppio Zero is an undisputed pleaser.

Soldado de La Independencia 1238, Las Cañitas

4899 0162

Open Tue- Sat 8.30pm- closing and Sun 12.30pm-4pm

Brocolino is a traditional Italian trattoria like restaurant with abundant, well priced and delicious homemade pasta. Their extensive menu, and the boisterous cheerful atmosphere bring both the Italian flavor and spirit to the table.

Esmeralda 776, Dowtown


Open every day from 12-4pm and 8pm-closing.

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