Top 10 Things to Do in Palermo

(photo by vtveen)


1-    Stroll through the botanical gardens. This charming park where over 500 plant species can be found also has a botanical museum, a library and a big cat community. A lovely place to walk though or sit in to read a Borges short story!


2-    Visit the animals at the Zoo. Right across from the botanical gardens is this beautiful zoo built in the late 1800´s. You will not only find a variety of exotic animals here, but also beautiful design and architecture.


3-    Explore the 3 de Febrero Parks. Large and lush these extensive parks include the rose garden, where you can rent a pedal boat on a small lake, the Japanese gardens, which host different Japanese activities, and a hidden little red riding hood monument which we challenge you to find!


4-    Marvel at the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo. Inside a beautiful French style mansion you will find The Decorative Art Museum, which showcases a collection of local and foreign objects and furniture. The building in itself is well worth visiting.


5-    Find local talent in Palermo art galleries- Palermo has become one of the city’s liveliest neighborhoods where designers and artists have made their creative home. Walk the streets and you’re sure to find plenty of examples of the local contemporary art scene. Some galleries to look out for include Dacil , Milo Lockett and Objeto-A  amongst others.


6-    Shop for one of a kind local design. From clothes and shoes, to unusual trinkets and toys, you will find all sorts of designer goods in Palermo, so grab your wallet and hit the streets.  Don’t miss Lucila Iottis shoes , Dorina Vidonis clothes and Pehache for interior design.


7-    Indulge your sweet tooth. Just as Palermo became the design center of the city, it has also become a place for gourmet food and patisseries.  Whilst you’re in the area stop by Oui Oui for some great baked goods,  by El Nombre del Postre for some macaroons, or by Compañia de Chocolate  for some delicious chocolates.


8-    Go on a treasure hunt at the Palermo Flea Market. Full of antiques and unusual finds, this large market on the corner of Dorrego Street and Conde is a unique place where you’re sure to come across a token to take back home with you.


9-    Place your bets on a horserace. Head to the Palermo hipodromo where you can participate of an exciting horserace!


10- Bar hop and dance with the Palermo crowd. Famous for its buzzing nightlife you’re sure to find some fun in this upbeat neighborhood. Find a list of suggested places here.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Do in Palermo

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