A Look into Argentine Film

(Apenas un Delincuente-1949. Photo from lacteoslalucia)

The Argentine film industry is one of the most developed in Latin America and dates back to 1897, 80 years after the Argentina independence and not long after the birth of cinematography. This early incorporation of film into the local culture has been fortunate as it has left behind documentation of the city’s development, issues and identity due to the common thematic of Argentine films, mostly centered around local customs, literature and social conflicts.

Immigrants, indigenous people, the birth of tango, gaucho heroes, labor issues, local literary adaptations, peronism, dictatorships, present subject matter of Buenos Aires, portraits of people from the South and North of Argentina, and descriptions of a stagnated society are all themes of many films the country has produced and been awarded for, including two Oscars for best foreign films (La Historia Oficial 1986-Luis Puenzo and El Secreto de Sus Ojos 2010- Juan Jose Campanella).

For a closer look at local film the Pablo Ducros Hickens Film Museum in La Boca, has recently reopened and showcases equipment and antique optical artifacts, props, set designs, costumes, screenplays, awards, objects, photographs, and other documentation relating to the local industry.  They are also working with the Carlos Gardel Museum where current and old tango films with English subtitles are exhibited each Monday at 6.30pm- Address- Jean Jaurés 735, Abasto.

The San Martín Theatre and the MALBA also exhibit retrospectives and local independent films.

Designer Spotlight: Gabriela Horvat – Contemporary Jewelry

In 2001, the city streets became crowded with angry citizens who went out with pots and pans to manifest their discontent with the political and economic situation of the country. The sound of metal resounded and Gabriela Horvat began her first line of jewelry inspired by those pots and pans. From then on she continued to delve into the world of jewelry, art, design, pottery and sculpture furthering her knowledge on materials and shapes with a driven passion.

Ten years later this budding designer has made a name for herself with her feminine designs that combine textures such as wool and silk with silver and mother of pearl. Organic shapes inspired by nature with fluid lines, flexible necklaces which can be adapted to fit each person in a unique way, one of a kind collectable objects, and the subjective expressiveness of the designers self are all part of Gabriela Horvats distinguishable jewelry.


Gabriela Horvat

Honduras 5283, Palermo




This Week in Buenos Aires


(Phot0 by bittermelon)

Have a special lunch at the MALBA´s French restaurant, Cafe des Arts, and then spend the rest of the afternoon browsing the museums permanent collection of Latin American art and the temporary exhibit of Argentine Contemporary art.

In the evening prepare to move to the beat of the popular Bomba del Tiempo’s drums at Centro Cultural Konex!



Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Recoleta


Open Thur-Mon 12-8pm. Tuesdays closed.


Centro Cultural Konex

Sarmiento 3131, Almagro




(photo by femuruy)

Head to the Casa de la Cultura to visit Cosmopolis, Borges y Buenos Aires, a Borges exhibit featuring photographs and audiovisual material.

Later on don’t miss out on the closing performances of the Tango Festival and Dance World Championships starting at 7pm! Check out the program here.

For those looking for a more electronic vibe the British Metronomy will be playing at the Embassy Party in Niceto Club.


Casa de la Cultura.

Av. de Mayo 575, Monserrat.


Club Niceto

Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo




Check out the Americo Arce tango oil painting exhibition at the Museo Carlos Gardel.

In the evening head to the Uni Club for the Latin Jam party where jazz and salsa fuse in a lively jam.

Museo Casa Carlos Gardel

Jean Jaures 735, Abasto



Latin Jam in Uni Club

Guardia Vieja 3360, Abasto




(Photo by dhammza/off)

Take advantage of the sunny forecast and spend some time getting to know the city outdoors on one of the city bike tours.

In the evening get to know more about the local wine industry at the weekly tastings at the Fierro Hotel.


Fierro Hotel

Soler 5862, Palermo

3220 6800




(Photo by Barqusimeto Ciudad Crepuscular)

Check out both the Textile Art exhibit and the copper and silver display at the at Jose Hernandez Museum.

In the evening the talented Carolina Chrem will be presenting her world music at No Avestruz in Palermo at 9.30pm.


Museo de Arte Popular Jose Hernandez

Av. Libertador 2373, Recoleta



No Avestruz

Humboldt 1857, Palermo



Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by Hernan Valeriano)

Head to the Palermo racetracks to watch one of the horse races on Saturday. Av. Libertador 4101, Palermo. 4778-2820.

The Palais de Glace in Recoleta is hosting the Annual Photojournalism exhibit. Posadas 1725, Recoleta. 4801-0450,

Top 5 French Restaurants in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Larryhalff)

La Bourgogne– The city’s most distinguished French Restaurant, in the city’s most distinguished hotel, the Alvear Palace, offers one of the best, albeit pricy, dining options Buenos Aires has to offer. Ayacucho 2027, Recoleta. 4808-2100. labourgogne@alvear.com.ar

Brasserie Petanque: This San Telmo based French Brasserie offers great quality, abundant servings, amicable service and a wonderful selection of wines. We recommend their sweetbreads! Defensa 596, San Telmo. 4342-7930. info@brasseriepetanque.com.

Chez Nous: This bright and elegant restaurant in the Recoleta based Algodon Mansion offers a great menu of French-Argentine fusion cuisine. Plus they have an annex cognac bar and a glass-covered patio with a fireplace that is great for winter! Montevideo 1647 – Recoleta, 3530-7777

La Maison: A hidden gem in the bustling Palermo scene owned by a friendly French Mademoiselle from Lyon. The at home feel of this lovely recycled house, the welcoming service, and great drinks and food make La Maison a place worth revisiting. Honduras 5774, Palermo. 3979 2970. info@lamaisonba.com

L’Atelier: Way off the beaten path, in La Lucila neighborhood is one this suburban favorite. Savory dishes and a great wine list to complement ensure this lovely French restaurant is here to stay. Av. Libertador. 3836, La Lucila. 4005-5244

Argentine Wines: Malbec

(Photo by scorbette37 )

If there is one wine that truly defines the local industry then Malbec is definitely it. The deep dark grape originally comes from the Bordeaux region in France where it is used mostly for blending. In Argentina however it has found its optimum soil at the foot of the Andes and the Rio Negro desert in Patagonia and it is used to make some of the country’s premium red wines.

The ruby colored wine with ripe fruity undertones of plum, and cherries is tinted with a sweet marmalade like flavor perfectly complimenting the earthy tannins and woody textures of the country’s signature grape. This of course makes it a perfect pairing for meat, which is why it’s usually present at asados. It also pairs well with hard cheeses and tomato based pastas, also present in the local cuisine.


For a special sample of Argentine wines, accompanied by snacks from HG Restaurant, don’t miss our weekly tastings every Thursday starting at 7PM at Fierro Hotel.  Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220 6800. recepcion@fierrohotel.com.

We Recommend: Sugar & Spice

Minibar scavengers who have stayed at the Fierro Hotel probably still remember the irresistible gourmet cookies by Sugar & Spice that awaited them each day. These delectable sweet treats have almost become a Palermo staple and all due to the care and dedication put into each of their baked goods made with only top quality products.

As they themselves say “duhh, if you use a lot of the best chocolate, fresh sweet butter and walnuts, anyone can make a great brownie like that”.

Fortunately, the Sugar & Spice store is close to the hotel and we can all enjoy their treats. If you’re in the Palermo area we suggest you stop by for cantucci, biscotti, brownies, cookies, salty snacks, pound cakes and their special stolen which they make year round.  Plus, if you let them know in advance that you’re coming they might even have a surprise gift prepared for you!


Sugar & Spice

Guatemala 5419, Palermo

4777 5423


This Week in Buenos Aires

The Tango festival and dance world cup continues this week whilst the city celebrates the birthdays of two of our literary legends; Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar.


Check out the recently reopened Film Museum where you can find memorabilia and information on the thriving local industry.

In the evening the San Martin Theatre is staging a contemporary ballet version of A Streetcar Named Desire with music compose by Bela Bartok.

Film Museum (Museo del Cine Pablo Hickens)

Agustín R. Caffarena 49, La Boca



Open 11am-6pm

San Martin Theatre

Av. Corrientes 1530, Dowtown.




(Photo by ojo_de_vidrio)

Take advantage of the Tango Festival this week to visit the Tango Product Fair where you can get souvenirs and other unique memorabilia!

Later on head to the new “it” place, the Rio Cafe, where they will be hosting their weekly Wednesday Rock in Rio.

Tango Product Fair

Centro Municipal de Exposiciones

E. J. Couture 2231, Recoleta.


Rio Café

Honduras 4772, Palermo‬

Open 10pm-3am‬


(Photo by Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)

Whilst you’re in Buenos Aires you can’t miss a visit to the Colón Theatre. Guided tours in English are offered every day on an hourly basis from 11am-2pm.

For a coffee break in one of the city’s charming traditional bars head to the nearby Petit Colon.

Later on head the Museo de Arte HispanoAmericano for a Haiku reading in English starting at 7.30pm

In the evening get to know more about the local wine industry at the weekly tastings in the Fierro Hotel.

Teatro Colon

Cerrito 628, Downtown

4378 7100


Petit Colon

Libertad 505, Downtown


Museo de Arte HispanoAmericano

Suipacha 1422, Downtown

4327- 0228


Fierro Hotel

Soler 5862, Palermo

3220 6800



(Photo by paula soler-moya)

Fundación PROA in La Boca is showcasing Sistemas, Acciones y Procesos- 1965 a 1975  which displays an array of art work form the 60´s and 70´s by renown local and international artists.

In the evening explore the city’s art galleries and museums with the rest of the crowd on the monthly Gallery Nights.

Fundación PROA

Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca

[54.11] 4104.1000


Open 11am-7pm

Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by PaRaP)

The environmentally friendly Green Film Fest will be hosted from the 25-31st of August at the Palermo Cinemark. More information here.

If you’re walking the 3 de Febrero parks in Palermo stop by the Japanese gardens where an Ikebana exhibit will be displayed all weekend. Av. Figueroa Alcorta and Av. Casares.

Our Dining Picks: Freud & Fahler

Set in the heart of hip Palermo on one of its emblematic corners is Freud & Fahler, one of the city’s most enjoyable and understated culinary spots.

Having rebaptized the restaurant as “La Nueva Esperanza” ( the new hope), owner and chef Pablo Lykan could be interpreted as an altruist hedonist with a clear mission: the comeback of taste. At least it would seem that way based on the quality and  flavors derived from his masterful hand.

The lunch menu is laden with vegetables and simple surprises, whilst the dinner menu is the true star of the night. Mediterranean and French influences, a combination of contrasting flavors and textures, and a great wine list, make for this restaurants success. For added charm, hand drawn images by the chef of each dish  accompany the delightful menu.

Cabrera 5300, Palermo




Open Mon-Sat, closed Sundays and national holidays.

Wine Regions of Argentina – Patagonia

(Photo by ARACELOTA)

The Patagonian landscape is well known for it’s beauty, and tales of  dwarfs, gnomes and fairies. More recently however, the country’s Southern region is becoming increasingly known for brining promising new wines to the country’s viticultural industry.

Due a lower latitude and altitude, the area is very different from the northern Mendoza, San Juan and Salta regions and much cooler. Additionally many of the vineyards lie on the Patagonian dessert which receive irrigation from the a canal system providing water from the Colorado,  Rio Negro and Neuquen rivers.

The two main wine making areas in the South, Rio Negro and the more recently developed Neuquen, are acquiring a name for producing the exclusive Pinot Noir grape, as well as other grapes such as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Semillon which are also acquiring a great reputation.

This unique wine making area of Argentina is undoubtedly very different from the traditional viticulural regions, however  and although it is still developing, it is proving to be a promising land for top quality wine production.

For a special sample of Argentine wines, accompanied by snacks from HG Restaurant, book your place at our exclusive weekly tastings every Thursday starting at 7PM at Fierro Hotel.  Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220 6800. recepcion@fierrohotel.com.

Tango Festival and World Cup

(Tango by Patricia Turo)

During this week and the next, Buenos Aires will be hosting the Tango Festival and World Cup, promising for an intensive two weeks of music and dancing. Throughout the festival there will be a tribute to Carlos Gardel,  dance classes, a tango exhibit and product fair, conferences, films, live music, milongas, and shows by the worlds top dancers. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of this emblematic tradition of music and dance and to participate in one of the most attractive cultural activities the city has to offer.

More information of the festival here.