We Recommend: Sugar & Spice

Minibar scavengers who have stayed at the Fierro Hotel probably still remember the irresistible gourmet cookies by Sugar & Spice that awaited them each day. These delectable sweet treats have almost become a Palermo staple and all due to the care and dedication put into each of their baked goods made with only top quality products.

As they themselves say “duhh, if you use a lot of the best chocolate, fresh sweet butter and walnuts, anyone can make a great brownie like that”.

Fortunately, the Sugar & Spice store is close to the hotel and we can all enjoy their treats. If you’re in the Palermo area we suggest you stop by for cantucci, biscotti, brownies, cookies, salty snacks, pound cakes and their special stolen which they make year round.  Plus, if you let them know in advance that you’re coming they might even have a surprise gift prepared for you!


Sugar & Spice

Guatemala 5419, Palermo

4777 5423


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