Designer Spotlight: Gabriela Horvat – Contemporary Jewelry

In 2001, the city streets became crowded with angry citizens who went out with pots and pans to manifest their discontent with the political and economic situation of the country. The sound of metal resounded and Gabriela Horvat began her first line of jewelry inspired by those pots and pans. From then on she continued to delve into the world of jewelry, art, design, pottery and sculpture furthering her knowledge on materials and shapes with a driven passion.

Ten years later this budding designer has made a name for herself with her feminine designs that combine textures such as wool and silk with silver and mother of pearl. Organic shapes inspired by nature with fluid lines, flexible necklaces which can be adapted to fit each person in a unique way, one of a kind collectable objects, and the subjective expressiveness of the designers self are all part of Gabriela Horvats distinguishable jewelry.


Gabriela Horvat

Honduras 5283, Palermo



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