Argentine Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon

(Photo by Niallkennedy)

Considered a royal amongst red wine varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon stands out for its boldness and elegance. Originally from Bordeaux, the internationally renown grape is, after Malbec, one Argentina’s most important, having recently found promising soil in Valle del Uco in the Mendoza region and San Patricio de Chañar in Neuquén, Patagonia.

The small dark grapes are popular not only for the noble wines that are derived from them, but also for their adaptability to different climates and their aging potential due to their high levels of tannin.

Fruity hints of currants, cherries and plum are present in Cabernet Sauvignon wines made with overripe grapes whilst vegetable flavors of green bell peppers, olives, licorice and mint appear in wines made with under ripe grapes. When aged in oak, flavors of smoke and incense arise as well as woody cedar and truffles.  These intense deep red wines, in all of their styles, pair well with flavorful food such as red meat, lamb, stews,locro, and strong tasting cheeses.

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