Top 5 Restaurants in San Telmo

(Photo by Roberto Berlim)


El Baqueano: The concept behind this successful auteur restaurant is to reincorporate native meats that have been excluded from popular cuisine. Their nine course tasting menu which changes monthly includes innovative dishes made with quail, hare, rhea, alligator, prawns from Puerto Madryn and other local delicacies. A unique approach to the native meat eating culture. El Baqueano-Chile 495,  San Telmo. 4342-0802. Opening Hours: Tue- Sat 8pm-12pm.

Aramburu: Renowned chef Gonzalo Aramburu who brings molecular cooking techniques to the San Telmo scene offers another innovative take on local cuisine. Visually stimulating and delectable, this restaurant is one of the city’s best. Aramburu– Salta 1050, San Telmo. 4305.0439. Tue-Sun 8pm-closing.

Cafe San Juan: Despite its name this is much more than a cafe. The impeccable savory dishes served in this cozy San Telmo favorite has turned it into one of the city classics.  Spanish inspired entrees, fish and seafood, duck and pork are regulars in their small and changing menu. Av. San Juan 450, San Telmo. 4300-1112. Tue-Sun 12-4pm and 8pm-closing.

Caseros: This inviting restaurant on Caseros Avenue will seduce you from the moment you set foot in it. Bright splashes of color from vegetable and fruit centerpieces contrast against the pristine white tablecloths and chairs opening up the appetite to simple but well prepared satisfying dishes with top quality ingredients.  Av. Caseros 486, San Telmo. 4305.0439. Tue-Sat 12-4pm and 8pm-closing.

Vineria Gualterio Bolivar: This auteur restaurant is led by Alejandro Digiglio who after working at Ferran Adria´s El Bulli brings deconstructivist cuisine to Buenos Aires. The vanguard 12, 14 or 16 step tasting menus offered at Vineria are undoubtedly one of a kind! La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar– Bolivar 865, San Telmo.4361-4709. Tue-Sun 12.30-4pm and 9pm-12pm.

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