Argentine Wines: Bonarda

(Photo by Jorge Lorte)

Next to Malbec, Bonarda is one of the most popularly cultivated grapes in the country, and also one of the most traditional. Its origins are disputed as some say Argentine Bonarda was brought from one of three regions in Italy, others say its a not really Bonarda but French Corbeau, and yet others suggest it is actually Californian Charbono. Perhaps, it is the ambiguity of its origins that make this grape so local in the end.

Originally this grape variety was used to make ordinary table wine until its potential for fine wine began to be explored. Since then, the Bonarda market has expanded and now produces both table and premium wines, which are awarded and consumed internationally.

The deep colored Bonarda wines reminisce to red fruits like raspberries,  strawberries and cherries. Aromatic, with moderate acidity and a slightly lower alcoholic content than Malbec, this velvety light-bodied wine is ideal to pair with pastas grilled meat and vegetables, and legumes.


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