Top 5 Downtown Restaurants


(Photo by add1sun)

Tomo 1: Situated in the centric Hotel Panamericano, Tomo 1, which has been around for more than 40 years, offers some of the  best local and French inspired gourmet food in Buenos Aires. The upscale elegant ambiance, the gorgeous bar,  extensive wine list and the delectable food, make this a foodie haven to experience. Carlos Pellegrini 521, Downtown. 4326-6695.

Sipan: A recent boom of Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurants have sprung in Buenos Aires and Sipan is one of our top picks.  An upscale downtown restaurant with a secondary Palermo location, they offer product quality above all.  Not only is their food exceptional but also, their wide range of piscos make it unique in town. If passion fruit, seafood, condimented rice and a pisco sour sound like a treat to you, then you will love Sipan. Paraguay 624, Downtown. 4315-0763.

Dadá: This lively restaurant in the heart of the city is always full and for good reason. Its famous Lomo Dadá is reputed to be one of the best beef dishes in town. If you like a colorful, bustling atmosphere with a cafe feel and fantastic food then Dadá will deliver! San Martín 941, Downtown. 4314-4787

Club del Progreso: Traditional ‘Porteño’ food is served in this elegant historic club, which dates back to 1852. The stately restaurant with its antiquated decor, and open courtyard is the place to go to for a great meal and a trip back in time after, or before, an event at the Colon Theatre. Sarmiento 1334, Downtown. 4372 3380.

Club Sueco:  Scandinavian food is great for sit down dinners and also for light on the go lunches. Open sandwiches on rich rye bread, salmon, cheeses, greens and great pastries are part of this northern European cuisine´s charm. The Club Sueco, on the 5th floor of a ideally located building the downtown area is one of the city’s best options for this kind of meal. The clean, well-lit room, and the top quality ingredients, and recommended dishes like fish pâté make it the go to place for a great meal in the city.  Tacuarí 147, 5th floor, Downtown. 4342 0888.

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