Live Music Venues in the City

(Photo by Frank Gruber)

On your walks through the city you are bound to come across two things: One is the mouth watering smell of asados coming from backyards, terraces and neighborhood parrillas,  and the other is the sound of lingering music, floating through the open windows of homes and cars.  The asado bit is probably expected but the musical tendencies of the locals may be overlooked. Nevertheless, Buenos Aires is a highly musical city, and it’s not just tango but classical music, jazz, rock, pop and many other genres that Argentines both listen to and execute. Below are a few venues and concert halls to check out where both fantastic local musicians and international acts present thir music to the warm and welcoming crowds that await them.


Classical Music


Operas, ballets, concertists and top-notch orchestras are regularly featured at the stunning Colón Theatre, which was inaugurated in 1908 and is considered to be one of the top 5 concert venues in the world. A definite must on your visit! More information on their program here.

The Isaac Fernandez Blanco Hispanic Art Museums also hosts classical concerts regularly with a special emphasis on historic musical pieces, especially of the Baroque period. More information on their program here.

The Buenos Aires University of  Law in Recoleta hosts free concerts by local orchestras, choirs and instrumental players on Saturday afternoons all year round. More information on their program here.


El Viejo Almacen at the corner of Independencia and Balcarce in San Telmo has received renown tangueros such as “Polaco” Goyeneche, Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese and Horacio Salgán. Now a days the old colonial house stages a tango show featuring some of the city’s best tango singers and dancers.  More information here.

The Carlos Gardel Museum in Abasto hosts live concerts every Monday at 6.30pm and the first Sunday of every month. Additionally you get the chance to learn more about the local tango legend. More information here.

Gardel and other tango passionate frequented El Bar de Roberto in the Almagro neighborhood, which was bought by a Spaniard from Asturias in the 1930s. Now a days it still keeps the same bottles adorning the walls and spontaneous live tango sessions to charm the usually crowded venue. Tue-Sat 10.30pm. Bulnes 331, Almagro. 4862-0415



Boris Club de Jazz is set in the heart of Palermo Hollywood.. Combining auteur cuisine with art and live jazz music, by both national and international acts, it is a recommended place for jazz enthusiasts and an overall good time.   More information on their program here.

Notorious is a jazz venue, restaurant, bar and record store all in one where you can listen to live music every day of the week. Their program features jazz, swing and samba by both national and international acts. More information on their program here.

Thelonius Club has a great vibe that makes it  a great bar just to go for drinks the plus is that they also have top jazz performers play on their intimate stage. More information on their program here.



Club Niceto offers live music and cutting edge theme based parties which makes it  the ultimate Buenos Aires funhouse. More information on their program here (and don’t miss their Thursday night club 69 parties for a walk on the wild side!).

La Trastienda in San Telmo is a small intimate theatre with great acoustics where local and international talents play jazz, reggae, blues, ethnic and rock amongst others. More information on upcoming events here.


There are of course many more places including bars, theatres, cultural centers and stadiums which stage live music. A more extenisve list of upcoming concerts and musical events in the city  with links to buy tickets in advance is available here.  

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