Delicious Fainá

(Photo by mteson)

If you are one of the many who have been seduced by the local pizza then you have probably seen or tried “fainá”. This flat “bread” made with chickpea flour, water  and olive oil was incorporated to the local cuisine by the Italian immigrants (who fortunately also brought pizza to go with it and ice-cream for dessert!).

The proper way to eat it Buenos Aires style is under a slice of pizza, preferably “fugazzeta” which is made with onion and cheese and is a classic! (Or if you’re a vegan or a celiac you can enjoy it plain, just make sure previously that they don’t mix cheese or white flour into their recipe).

Fainá is also so easy to make that if you’re feeling nostalgic for your days in BA you can just bake some and relive the experience! We have included a recipe below.


250 grams of chickpea flour

600 milliliters of water

3 Tbsp olive oil

salt and pepper

Whisk the chickpea flour, salt, pepper(optional) and water until you obtain a homogenous liquid batter. Let it sit.

Meanwhile warm the oven to 180 C and pour the olive oil on a baking sheet or pizza pan.

Place the baking sheet/pizza pan in the oven to warm the oil and once it is warm take it out of the oven and pour the batter into it. Then place it back into the oven for approximately 20-30 minutes, until the batter becomes solid and the fainá is golden on top.

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