Argentine Wines: Chardonnay

Chardonnay is the queen of white varieties, and although it is undoubtedly a very French monarch, it has been warmly welcomed by the Argentines, who chose it as their number one white wine -at least before the Torrontés boom. Adaptability is, after all, one of the many virtues of this grape, which is being grown quite successfully in most of the wine regions of the country, particularly in the cooler heights of Valle del Uco, in Mendoza.

Chardonnay is usually mid to full bodied, and can be buttery and toasty, depending on its exposure to oak. It offers an array of flavors, which depend on the climate in which they are grown: Warmer regions yield wines infused with the aroma of tropical flowers, pineapple and bananas, whereas cooler places deliver leaner wines, more mineral and acidic, with the scent of apples and citrus. In its different styles, it pairs well with seafood, fish, pasta, poultry and some cheeses.

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