Off the Beaten Path: Day trip to La Campiña

(Photo by gotencool)

Set in the Buenos Aires town of San Pedro, La Campiña is a 25 year old orange farm owned by a couple who wished to turn their love for the land into their life. Now a days the farm not only cultivates over 100,000 fruit trees, wheat and soy, it is also open for public visits and special lunches made from La Campiñas own  produce.

Visits include a tour of the orange plantation (with the added joy of the orange blossoms perfume in the spring), of the selection process, of a dovecot, jam making area, storage and the restaurant.

La Campiña is open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10AM with the last guided tour starting at 4.45pm.  Charters to San Pedro and back are offered by Turismo Billoch and take approximately two hours and a half to get there.

Whilst you are in the area you can also visit the charming town of San Pedro, set on the shores of the Parana River. The town, which is a fruit and fishing paradise and is famous for its ensaimadas, has some excellent views and is also home of an old battle field (La Vuelta de Obligado) and of a museum showcasing renowned artist Fernando Garcia Curtens work.


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