We Recommend: Argentina Polo Day


One of Argentina’s great attractions is its equestrian culture, manifested in the game of Polo, which Argentine teams are internationally renowned for.

To really get to know Polo, and why not, play it,  Argentina Polo Day have  put together an excursion combining a taste of traditional foods and wines, relaxing and leisure by the pool and amidst nature, and of course horseback riding, polo lessons, polo matches and the chance to interact with some of the best local players and coaches.

The day begins with empanadas, wine and an explanation of the sport and the horses. After filling up a bit, professional players play a match with bilingual commentators explaining what is going on. After the game a typical asado is served and in the afternoon beginner polo lessons are taught and poolside relaxing encouraged, completing a day full of fun filled activities and local culture.

Argentina Polo Day takes place in a countryside setting at just a 45-minute car ride away from Buenos Aires, and transportation can be arranged if needed. The tours run every day and must be booked in advance.



153 108 1025




2 thoughts on “We Recommend: Argentina Polo Day

  1. I am palermo in buenos aires. What day can I book your polo day? March 26/27/28. How much does it cost and where do you pick up?
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I own a horse in Arizona USA.
    Janet johnson

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