Lunfardo and Tango Book Fair 2011

(Photo by buen-rumbo)

The relationship between tango and lunfardo, a local dialect,  is extensive and characteristic of the local identity.  Initially Lunfardo was only spoken by criminals who incorporated Italian, Cocoliche (a mix of Spanish and Italian), Gaucho dialect, Aboriginal words, French and Portuguese into their new slang. As lunfardo spread to the lower classes, it was incorporated to tango lyrics and from there introduced into the Spanish spoken by everyone.

The Lunfardo and Tango book fair  in San Telmo, offers a variety of tango paraphernalia, readings and shows. The fair will be held until the 30th of December from 3pm-9pm at the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo and is the perfect chance to get to know this interesting aspect of the local culture better.  Estados Unidos 1379, San Telmo. 4383.2393


Our pick of recommended activities are:


Friday 9:

-Tango in San Telmo with Olga Reni at 6pm.

-Conference about the traditional cafe that had the most tango influence and activity. (in Spanish) 7pm.


Saturday 10:

-Performance by  Vocal Ecléctico.

-Las Perlas del Tango presents Estela Bonnet, Sandra Chebriau, Silvana Reyes, Silvia Nieves, and guest poet Nélida Puig. 7.30pm


Friday 16:

– Concert by Buenos Aires Tango

-Tango y Dance exhibit with Antonio and Graciela. 6pm.

-Concert of tango singers at 8pm.


Sunday 18

-Pepe Otero presents Tango and poetry, tangos form the 40´s and more. 7.30pm.


Friday 23:

-Tango show by Sandrina Gallego Poetaria. 7pm.


Monday 26:

-Screening of Café de los maestros. 4pm.

-Documentary about Cafe Tortoni. 7pm.


Friday 30:

– Las Perlas del Tango closes the event with a parade starting at 6pm.

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