New Year in Buenos Aires

(Photo by brokekid)

The New Year celebrations in Buenos Aires are similar to Christmas festivities; families and friends gather for a dinner (Vittel Thoné included), at midnight everyone toasts to the New Year whilst abundant fireworks adorn the city sky and afterwards late night partying to the early dawn takes place all around.

Some special options for the New Year are listed below. (A list of parties will be posted on Friday, and a list of open restaurants can be found here.)

Japanese Gardens: Although these beautiful Palermo gardens will be closed on the weekend of the 31st-1st, from the 26th-30th of December they will be inviting guests to strike a big bell which is traditionally done in the temples of Japan on the 31st to let go of the old year through the bells vibrations whilst making a wish for the year to come.

Palacio Barolo: On the 31st this stunning architectural landmark full of references to Dante Alighieri will be offering a nocturnal tour finishing at their lighthouse for a midnight toast under the spark of fireworks.  The high altitude makes it an ideal viewing spot of the city skies. Cost for the tour is 50 USD/ person and includes midnight drinks and snacks as well as a bilingual tour guide.  Reservations must be made in advance and the tour starts at 11pm sharp.  Av de Mayo 1370 9° P. Esc. 249/52. (54-11) 4381-1885.

Puerto Madero: Midnight in Puerto Madero is a lovely site as the fireworks burst in the sky by the river and the boats who sometimes turn on their sirens as the clock strikes twelve.

The obelisco on 9 de Julio Avenue is also a popular meeting point at midnight for spectacular fireworks.

Keep in mind transport is very limited on New Year´s Eve throught the night until dawn so book your cab rides in advance.  And whatever you do, don’t forget your pink undies that night. It is a local tradition to wear them on New Years Eve for good luck!

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