Open on New Year in Buenos Aires

(Photo by tanakawho)

During New Years many of the local attractions close. We put together a list of some of the places that will remain open (other than many of the city restaurants, cafes and bars).

-The MALBA museum will be open on the 31st from midday-6pm. City museums run by the government (find a list here) will also remain open on Saturday the 31st of December from 10am-7pm. Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Recoleta. 4808-6500.

Palacio Barolo will be offering a nocturnal tour on the 31st finishing at their lighthouse for a midnight toast under the spark of fireworks.  The high altitude makes it an ideal viewing spot of the city skies. Cost for the tour is 50 USD/ person and includes midnight drinks and snacks as well as a bilingual tour guide.  Reservations must be made in advance and the tour starts at 11pm sharp.  Av de Mayo 1370 9° P. Esc. 249/52. (54-11) 4381-1885.

-The ecological reserve in Puerto Madero will be open all weekend from 8am-6pm. Please note that if it should rain it will remain closed. Av. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1550 Costanera Sur. 4893-1640/1580

-The Buque Museo Fragata in Puerto Madero is a frigate commissioned by the navy in 1898 to be used as a training vessel.  It will be open all weekend on its regular timetable from 10am to 7pm for visitors to roam on the deck and check out the memorabilia displayed. It will remain closed in the case of rain. Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo 980, Puerto Madero. 4334 – 9386

-The Recoleta Cemetery will be open all weekend on its regular timetable from 7am-5.45.

-The San Telmo antique market will also remain open this Sunday as usual, all though it may be scanter of exhibitors.

-On the 1st of January at 4pm the monthly “Masa Critica” will kick off from the Obelisco. This event gathers bike riders once a month to ride around the city in thus promoting the use of bicycles as transport. If you would like to join you can rent a bike for 85 pesos from the 31st Dec-2nd Jan at Bici Naranja. They will be open on the 31st until 2pm and will also be offering a city tour on the 1st, also at 4pm. for 145 pesos. More information on Bici Naranja here.

-In the evening of the 1st starting at 9.30pm Notorious will be offering a live music tribute to Django Reinhardt and swing music. Callao 966, Palermo. 4813-6888.


Transport on New Year´s Eve can be complicated. Your best bet is to plan in advance.

– Keep in mind that radio taxis will work until 8pm-10pm on the 31st depending on the company, and will start up again on the 1st at approximately 6am.

– Trains will be working until 10pm on the 31st and resuming their service at approximately 6am.

– Subways will qork on Saturday the 31st from 5am-11pm, and on Sunday the 1st of Jan from 8am-10pm.

– Buses will be the only transport that will be operating all night long although with a low frequency (every 20 min. Approximately).

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