Summer in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Jocelyn Mandryk)

The summer season in Buenos Aires runs from the 21st of December- 21st March and is one of the quieter seasons in the city as the locals go on holidays to their beach houses and tourists settle in. This is especially true during January, the peak of the high season in Argentina.

Temperatures in BA are high in the summer, and it is also very humid, so bring light summer clothing and don’t forget your bathing suit! (Check out Fierro Hotel’s pool here)!

Fortunately the city is full of spacious parks with shady trees, many with sun loungers and beach umbrellas, which make for great resting spots, picnic grounds and also tourist attractions. Such is the case of the 3 de Febrero Parks and Botanical Garden in Palermo, the Recoleta parks, the Ecological Reserve behind Puerto Madero, and the Tigre Delta (more information on outdoor attractions here.)

Additionally the river allows for some aquatic activities including sailing (see smile on sea for sailing options), canoeing, and even windsurfing and kite surfing in the outskirts of the city (see Peru Beach’s water sport options).  The river however is not fit for swimming so reserve that for the hotel pool!

Due to the large influx of foreign tourists to the city during this season, tourist attractions, museums, art exhibitions, live music and tango shows amongst other abound. Many do however close for Christmas and New Years and reopen in January.  And, another of the seasons highlights is the delicious local ice-cream!

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