Popular Beach Destinations

Come the summer and porteños flee the city for the annual beach season. During December the first vacationers start to arrive and by New Years the beaches are crowding until they peak in January. The beaches quiet down a bit in February, as do prices and by March the crowds have disappeared and scattered visitors remain, taking advantage of the last days of summer, the bargains and the solitary shores.

So where are the most popular and nicest beaches for a quick escape? Read on.


In Argentina

For a crowded classic summer location: Mar del Plata

(Photo by sprain)

Founded in 1874, Mar del Plata is one of the oldest beach towns in the Buenos Aires province and a very popular destination. The seaside town gets incredibly crowded, so, it´s not the place to go for a quiet gettaway, however if you like beaches with bustling city options such as theatres, cafes, and shops then it may just be the place.


To go with a group of friends or family, enjoy the shade of pine forests: Pinamar, Cariló and Mar Azul

(Photo by GabbyAloe)

Pinamar (the largest and most crowded of the three), Cariló and Mar Azul are all along the same coast in the Buenos Aires province. There are also some in between towns on the coast such as Ostende, Valeria del Mar and Villa Gesel (this last one is popular but not so nice as the others). All of the towns are surrounded by small pine forests, have great sandy dunes and are popular beach destinations.

For colder waters and amazing wildlife- Puerto Madryn

(Photo by Mariano Fotos)

Puerto Madryn is to the south of Argentina in the province of Chubut. This popular destination is visited every year for its unique fauna, including whales, penguins and seals!


Other popular beaches in Argentina include Las Grutas, Necochea, and Miramar.


In Uruguay

For fashion, parties and celebrity sightings- Punta del Este.

(Photo by coolcopetins)

This upscale beach in Uruguay is the hottest vacationing spot for models, sports stars and other fashionable Argies who like to strut their stuff and party to the early dawn. Fashion shows, and of course intense parties are par for the course.


For a romantic getaway- Punta del Diablo

(Photo by Cleber Machado)

This small colorfull fisherman’s town in the Rocha district of Uruguay has beautiful beaches and great stretches of deserted shores to explore.


To get away from civilization- Cabo Polonio

(Photo by iAudioguide)

Cabo Polonio is an eco beach town where no cars are allowed and where there is no electricity. The beaches are amazingly beautiful and clean as are the eco houses built there. Due to the environmental preservation of the area the stars at nights can be seen brighter than in any other beach town and they also have a small group of sea lions living in the area.

Other popular beaches in Uruguay are La Paloma, La Pedrera and Piriapolis.

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