Beer Hotspots in the City

(Photo by jACK TWO. Nice Maradona detail on the left!)

Beer is not exactly what Argentina is known for, however on a hot summer day, a cold brew on a nice terrace is mandatory. If Quilmes doesn’t quite do it for you, then we suggest you try some of the following bars where draught, imported, and artisan beers can be found.

Gibraltar and Bangalore: If you’re looking for great draught beer, an even better environment, decent music, some curry and some spice, you will love both The Gibraltar in San Telmo and it’s sister Bangalore in Palermo! Go early if you want a table and enjoy either dinner or drinks in these all-time favorite pubs.

Geno Beer Bar:  This beer bar in Palermo offers over 40 imported beers from around the world in a nice ambiance. They also serve deli sandwiches and a unique beer soup!

To try some Argentine artisan beer, Antares is the leading option. Antares is well known as they commercialize their beers around the country, and they host special activities including drinking games and the chance to watch the beer making process at their Buenos Aires venues. You can also taste some great Otro Mundo Argentine artisan beer at the Fierro hotel garden.

Other options in the city include the Dutch Van Koning in Cañitas which has a very good beer selection, and Irish pubs such as The Shamrock and Kilkenny, amongst others.

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