February in Buenos Aires

(Carnaval. Photo by _Juan Castro_)

During the month of February the city begins to repopulate as the beach season slows down. February is also the month of Valentines Day, which is not a typical local celebration but has become an increasingly popular  festivity with many options for happy couples.  Carnaval is also an important celebration in South America, and takes place from the 18th-21st of the month. In Buenos Aires, many neighborhood murgas (street musicians and dancers) form to celebrate it and it is not uncommon to come across them in neighborhoods such as Almagro, Villa Crespo and Palermo on weekends. Other options for the Carnaval weekend are to take short trips to the north of the country, or to Uruguay where the festivity has a more important role in the culture and thus bigger celebrations.

As it is still summer there are still plenty of free cultural activities until the 18th of February held in the local parks, including drive-in cinema at the rosedal, theatre, poetry and live music concerts.

During this month the city will also be receiving international artists Selena Gomez and Alpha Blondie, and hosting the Summer Blues Festival. More information here.

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