March in Buenos Aires

(Photo by Alex PC)

March marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. As locals return from vacations and the school year starts, the city’s rhythm picks up.

Below are a few of the upcoming events and concerts that will be taking place throughout the month.


Colón Theatre Season: The Colón Theatre Season kicks off with the opera St.Mark Passion by Osvaldo Golijov and several concerts by the Buenos Aires Philharmonic. More information on dates and tickets here.

Presentes Otoño Fair:  The Presentes Otoño interior design fair will be taking place at La Rural from the 15th-18th of March. More information here.

Ciudanza: This annual event brings dance out of the theatre and into the city as urban landscapes become the stage. The selected dancers will be performing at Parque Chacabuco, Parque Lezama and Barrancas de Belgrano from   March 29th-1st of April. More information here.

*The MALBA will be closing some of its exhibit halls from the 12th-24th of March.


Roger Waters: 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17 and 18th of March

The British legend that was once part of Pink Floyd will be back to the city and due to the outsold shows will be playing 8 dates at the River Plate Stadium!  Tickets here.

Toquinho: 9th of March

The renowned Brazilian Bossa Nova artist will be staging a live show at the Gran Rex Theatre. Tickets here.

John Zorn-Masada: 15th of March

Freestyle avant-garde jazz group, Masada, will be playing at the Teatro Coliseo. Tickets here.

Joe Cocker: 19th of March

The English blues and rock singer will be playing at Estadio Luna Park. Tickets here.

Creedence Clearwater Revival: 20th March

The famous 60´s and 70´s rock band will be playing for their loyal local fans at Estadio Luna Park. Tickets here.

Michael Bublé:  24th-25th March

Successful Canadian singer and actor, Michael Bublé, will be staging a show at the Luna Park. Tickets here.

Caetano and Moreno Veloso: 27th March

Brazilian bossa nova king Caetano Veloso and his son Moreno Veloso will be staging a show at the Gran Rex. Tickets here.

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