Tim Robbins Brings 1984 to Buenos Aires

(Quote from 1984. George Orwell. Photo by amortize)

The Teatro San Martin has recently screened a retrospective of films starred by Tim Robbins, in anticipation of one of the highlighted events of the year; the famous actor’s staging of an adapted version of 1984 for stage.

The play, which is an adaptation by Michael Gene Sullivan of George Orwell´s famous novel, will be performed by Tim Robbins’s acting group, The Actors’ Gang, from Thursday the 12th to Saturday the 14th of April at the Teatro San Martin on Corrientes Avenue.

Tim Robbins’s representation of 1984 has been staged in L.A., Spain, Hong Kong and Colombia since 2006, bringing about different reactions in publics whose cultures have dealt with some of the aspects that the book and the play deal with, such as political and cultural oppresion.

 The show will be in English with Spanish subtitles. Tickets range from 110-80 pesos and can be bought directly at the theatre or calling 0800-333.254. Av, Corrientes 1530, Downtown.

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