Buenos Aires Nightlife: BA Pub Crawl

(Photo by dandeluca)

Buenos Aires is known for its vibrant nightlife that ends well into the morning. As a visitor it may be difficult to decide on where to go to capitalize on diversion. Fortunately for the “party like a rockstar” types, there is a dedicated group of partiers who have organized the BA Pub Crawl, a fun packed bar hop where people from different nationalities and cultures meet to discover just how wild the BA night can be.

The Pub Crawls are held every night of the week, and explore different areas of the city. Thus, Monday’s event may be in San Telmo, Wednesday’s in Recoleta, Saturday’s in Palermo Hollywood, and so on. This allows travelers to get to know different spots around the city, and to socialize with other like-minded people.

The dedicated organizers of the pub crawl also plan special events for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter for example, whilst also hosting theme nights such as the upcoming Stoplight Pub Crawl on Sunday the 29th of April where everyone attending is expected to wear something red, yellow or green.

Pub Crawls start at different meeting points at 10pm each night. They cost 100 pesos and include free pizza, beer and wine through registration hour (10-11pm), a free shooter at every bar, drink discounts and free club admissions.

More information on upcoming pub crawls and meeting points is available here.

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