Wine and Art at Vendimia en Boedo

(Photo by KimberlyGauthier)

Throughout the week, until Sunday the  29th of April, there will be a special festival celebrating  the Argentine grape harvest and wine industry. The event, Vendimia en Boedo,  will host wine tastings and conferences as well as exhibiting different artistic expressions related to viticulture.

This year´s theme is regions, with a special focus placed on terroir.

The festival will be taking place in the neighborhood of Boedo in Pan y Arte, Av. Boedo 880.

The program is as follows:


7pm: Conference about the Mendoza terroir by Gustavo Choren.

8.30pm: Wine tasting by Adriana Huck of Trapiche wines.

10pm: Live folklore music by Grupo Tinaja.


7pm: Wine tasting of 7 Vacas Reserva Malbec.

8.30pm: Conference ¨Territorios paralelos¨el mundo está en tus sentidos. (¨Parallel Territories¨ the world is in your senses).

10.30pm: Live music and Milonga.


7pm: Wine tasting.

8.30pm: Poetry reading.

10.30pm: Live music- Latin Jazz.


7pm: Conference ¨El barrio como primer territorio¨(The Neighborhood as the First Territory), followed by a wine tasting.

9pm-11pm: Theatre- ¨El Vino Secreto¨ written by Liliana Moreno and directed by Clodet Garcia, and ¨Trinchera de Palabras¨ written by Germinal Marin and directed by Fagner Pavan.


7pm-9.30pm:  Theatre- ¨Siesta¨by Nerio Yela,”Al ritmo de Tina” by the Compañia Internacional Faro Luciale, Teatro Errante, “Mar de Fondo· by Laura Valencia. In between each play there will be wine tastings from different wineries.

11pm: Live Tango by “La Siniestra Quinteto”.


Midday: Harvest menu.

3pm: Conference about new Argentine terroirs by Alejandro Iglesias.

4.30pm: Live tango music and dancers.

5pm: Live painting by a group of artists.

8.30pm: Clown show by “Payasas de mundo”.

9.30pm: Live music and  closing performance.

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