Hernán Gipponi’s Special Locro Recipe

(Photo by travelwayoflife)


White hominy corn 50g

Lima beans  40g

Chickpeas 200g

Squash 1kg

Onion 600g

Leeks 400g

Garlic 2 cloves

Smoked bacon 250g

Red chorizo 1

Pork belly 1.5 Kg

Ossobuco  1.2 kg

Ground capsicum 1tsp

Paprika 1tsp

Vegetable oil 40ml

Leave corn, lima beans and chickpeas soaking overnight. The following day pour the vegetable oil in a deep pan and sautee the bacon, pork and ossobuco. Add the chorizo, the garlic, and the chopped vegetables. When they are golden add capsicum, paprika and legumes. Cover with water and simmer for approximately 2 hours, add salt to taste.

Hernán’s tips: If you add the chorizo whole then it will better preserve its juices. Also,  add some cumin  to aid digestion and to optimize the metabolism of nutrients.


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