Ciudad Emergente Festival 2012

(Photo by dmgrl!)

From the 6th to the 10th of June the Ciudad Emergente Festival will take place in the Centro Cultural Recoleta showcasing emerging art and music.The event, which will feature three stages for live shows, will also include street, digital and interactive art displays, theatre, poetry, dance, stand-up, photography, film and more.

This year´s Ciudad Emergente will also be putting an emphasis on fashion with several runway shows and an innovative on-location hair salon for the brave who dare to try a new look.

There will also be free tickets to the acclaimed Hombre Vertiente show, an experimental performance including acrobatics, special lighting and interaction with the public, directed by Pichón Baldinu, one of the De La Guarda founders. A maximum of two tickets  per person will be handed out at 8pm on the days of the performance until maximum capacity is reached.

 The festival is free of charge and takes place from 2pm to 11pm at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, next to the Recoleta cemetry. Find the full program here. Junin 1930, Recoleta.

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