Planning Your Trip: How Much do Things Cost?

(Photo by morrissey)

A fellow traveler recently asked us if there were any sources we knew of to calculate the cost of things in Buenos Aires so as to know how much spending to expect. Since we couldn’t find a satisfactory reply, we decided to look into it ourselves. It proved a difficult task since prices vary in different neighborhoods and stores, and are not very stable.  Below is what we came up with, it is of course a list of estimated costs.


Train: $1,10

Subway: $2,50

Bus: Between $1,10 and $1,75 depending on distance. It is estimated that there will be a raise in bus tickets in July, and it has been announced that their price will double.

Taxi: During the day the initial meter is 7.30 pesos and then 73cents/200 meters, at night the initial meter is 8.70 pesos and then 87c/200m.


Cafe con leche: between 14-18 pesos depending on the café.

Medialunas: between 3,50- 5 pesos, depending on the café, 32 the dozen in a bakery.

500ml bottle water: 15 pesos in a restaurant, 6 pesos in a kiosk and 4.50 in a supermarket.

600ml soft drink: 15pesos in a restaurant, 8 pesos in a kiosk and 6.50 pesos in a supermarket.

Local beer 970cc: 6.90 in a supermarket, 27 pesos in a bar.

Empanadas: 6 pesos each.

Pizza:  Average 45 pesos for a big pizza, depending on the toppings and the place.

Ice Cream: approximately 20 pesos for a cone.

Choripan: approximately 20 pesos at a chori-cart (we suggest El Puestito del Tio, in Palermo)

Lunch menu including main course, beverage and dessert or coffee: average 50 pesos.

Dining out: Starting at approximately 100 pesos and up per person.   Find a city restaurant guide with (very) estimative prices here.


Most museums cost between 1-10 pesos if the government runs them. The privately owned MALBA charges a 25-peso ticket for adults.

Japanese Gardens: $16 pesos for an adult ticket.

Cinema: General ticket: 40 pesos 3D: 46 pesos

Theatre: Starting at 140 pesos and up. Ballets and operas are more expensive, and there are independent theatre productions that cost approximately 50 pesos.  Click here for online tickets to upcomming shows.

Nightclubs: Between 40-70 pesos.

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