Top Ski Destinations in Argentina

(Photo by Andre Charland)

Just as in the summer the locals flee during January to cool off at local and Uruguayan beaches, in the winter they head to beautiful Andean towns where skiing and winter sports abound. Below is a list of snowy destinations to slide to:

Mendoza: The famous wine province is not only worth visiting for its Malbecs and Torrontes wines, but also for its winter sports. In the town of Malargue, a popular resort, Las Leñas, receives ski-clad visitors every winter. This year, Las Leñas will be launching its new Minerva chairlift. This ski-haven is also well known for its snow park, the biggest in South America.

Neuquén: Further down south, in the Neuquén province are three famous ski resorts; Chapelco in the San Martin de los Andes city, Cerro Bayo in Villa La Angostura, and Caviahue in the Copahue town.

In Chapelco there are professional ski slopes as well as a team of specialized instructors to assist people with disabilities so they can also join in on the fun.

In Cerro Bayo there is a careful attention to details including an eco-patrol that encourages skiers to care for their environment and the mountains and to wear helmets amongst other safety precautions.

Caviahue is less known and is launching three new slopes this year as well as offering alternative tourist activities such as excursions to cascades or to the Copahue volcano crater.

Bariloche: This famous tourist destination in Rio Negro is known for its gorgeous lakes and the Cerro Catedral, the oldest ski resort in the country. Some of the highlighted features of this resort are the sled slope and the snow-tubing slope.

Chubut: Further south is the town of Esquel is a popular resort called La Hoya. It is well known for its ski fest, which will take place from the 16ht-22nd of July this year, and which features competitions, live music and a beauty pageant. It is also one of the cheaper ski resorts.

Ushuaia: Finally, way down South in Ushuaia is the Cerro Castor, which is getting ready for the 2015 world ski instructor championships by bettering the quality of their services and offering an enhanced beginner slope.  Other winter attractions in Ushuaia include riding in sleds, horseback riding and night excursions.

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