Buenos Aires for Kids

(Photo by Mora)

During July, Argentine children have winter holidays, and a broad variety of activities are offered for the young ones. Below are a list of fun activities and sights to visit with children.


The city is full of beautiful parks and in Palermo, the Rosedal is one of the most attractive. You can rent pedal boats to go around the lake. Nearby are the Japanese gardens where it is common to see kids with their grandparents enthusiastically feeding the fish.

The Planetarium is another great spot to go with children. It is currently showcasing the immersive show “Journey to the Stars” which traces stars through time. The experience was created in collaboration with the NASA, the American Museum on Natural Science in New York and a group of renowned scientists. Av. Sarmiento and Belisario Roldan, Palermo.

Fun Parks

Parque de la Costa: Tigre is an interesting place to visit in the outskirts of the city and boat rides and other fun activities abound in this unique district. One of the main attractions for children in this area is the Parque de la Costa where roller coasters and cotton candy promise to seduce the heart of every child.

República de Los Niños: This Disney-inspired children’s theme park on the outskirts of La Plata was built in the early fifties for civic learning. The team of architects based the design on stories by Hans Christian Andersen, the Grimm brothers and legends by Tennyson and Mallory. The park also includes a doll museum with dolls from all over the world. The theme park can be visited every day from 10am-6pm. Camino General Belgrano and 501, M. B. Gonnet, La Plata. 0221-484-1409.


The Buenos Aires Zoo is a special place in the city, not only because it displays a large variety of exotic animals, but also because it is an important research center and has beautiful architecture that dates back to the late 1800´s.  It also hosts many special events for children. Av. Las Heras y Av. Sarmiento.

Temaiken Biopark: This popular well-kept biopark on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in Escobar, is more than a zoo; it aspires to be a combination of Botanical Garden, Zoo, Aquarium, and Natural History and Anthropology Museum. A guaranteed child pleaser. There are special buses that take you there leaving from Plaza Italia.


Museo de los niños: This interactive museum for children in the Abasto shopping mall is a small scale reproduction of the city and allows kids to look at how businesses function and to play at being a part of them. A popular place for the young ones!

Buque Museo Fragata: This frigate commissioned by the navy in 1898 to be used as a training vessel is now docked in Puerto Madero and is open as a museum.

Museo Participativo de Ciencias: This fun interactive science museum is set inside the Centro Cultural Recoleta, right next to the famous Recoleta Cemetery. Its motto is “Prohibido no tocar” which translates to Forbidden not to touch, and pretty much sums up the idea.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales de La Plata: This famous natural sciences museum in La Plata has a permanent exhibit that traces the history of life from the inorganic to the organic concluding with mankind and culture. It showcases over 2,500,000 objects including dinosaur fossils.  Paseo del Bosque S/Nº. La Plata. (54-221) 425-7744 / 9161 / 9638. museo@museo.fcnym.unlp.edu.ar.

Museo del Titere (Puppet Museum): The Puppet Museum in San Telmo has a beautiful collection of puppets from all over the world as well as a specialized library and an antique puppet theatre where shows are occasionally staged. Piedras 905, San Telmo. 4307 6917.

MALBA: The MALBA museum of Latin American art regularly offers special activities for children where different works of art from the museum are discussed. The discussions are then followed by a creative activity where they make their own work related to what they saw.  For these winter holidays they have also organized a recycling workshop and a live presentation of how different things from daily life, such as soap and knits, are made.

Theatre and shows

Winter is also the time for children’s theatre productions. The city government organizes many of these, including clown, dance and puppet shows. (Find full schedule here).

The annual Disney on Ice is also a big hit and features ice-skating performances of Disney musicals.

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