Green Film Fest 2012

(Photo by fox_kiyo)

Starting tomorrow, the third edition of the Green Film Fest will take place in the Palermo Cinemark until the 22nd of August.  The festival, which will be showcasing fourteen international films about the environment, will feature mostly documentaries and also a compilation of fiction short films by renowned international directors including Isabel Coixet, Isabella Rosellini and Faith Akin, amongst others.

Some of the titles included in the festival are La Soie du Monde, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Thierry Piantanida and Baptiste Rouget-Luchaire, a documentary with spectacular photography about the use of water in different industries, countries and more; Surviving Progress, a Canadian production directed by Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks that questions the idea of progress; the highly acclaimed and awarded The Island President by Jon Shenk about the Maldives and the island’s struggle to literally stay afloat; Fuel and Freedom, both  by Josh Tickell, dealing with the issue of alternative energy sources;  and the 2012 Oscar nominee If a Tree Falls by Marshall Curry that follows a radical group of ecologists that have attacked and set fire to businesses they accuse of destroying the environment. Find the full list of films here and the schedule here.

Tickets for the screenings cost 28 pesos, or 252 pesos for ten films, and are available at the Palermo Cinemark, located on Beruti 3399. The proceeds from the tickets will be destined to creating the Parque Nacional “La Fidelidad” to preserve the Chaco forest.   The Green Film Fest also encourages car pooling to the cinema, or going by bike, and offers free parking space for the later, in order to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint.

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