Gourmet Bookstores in the City

(Photo by Riverside Agency)

DAIN Usina Cultural is more than just a bookstore. Their main thing is to sell books, sure, but their aim is also to promote culture through live musical events, film debates, readings, art exhibits and all with the option of sitting down to enjoy a delicious gourmet meal with vegetables from their own organic garden!  Nicaragua 4899, Palermo.4778.3554. info@dainusinacultural.com.

Clasica y Moderna is one of the city’s cultural hotspots where books reign and live music colors the nights. Additionally it has a great restaurant with a few fixed menus which feature carefully prepared Argentine cuisine. Callao 892, Recoleta. 4812-8707.

Abulafia Libros is a space for book and wine lovers alike.  The Palermo centered bookstore, complete with a black cat and all, is a great place to buy a gift or to sit and enjoy the fine pleasures of life. They also host films screenings and intellectual evenings. Borges 1985, Palermo. 4833-9184.

Although not really a bookstore, the gorgeous Sociedad Argentina de Arquitectos is THE architectural hotspot in the city and has the added plus of a beautiful architecture library that is open to nonmembers for only 10 pesos. Also on the premises is Restó, a guaranteed palate pleaser specializing in French auteur cuisine. Montevideo 938, Recoleta. 4816-6711.

Find more recomended Buenos Aires bookstores here.

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