Bookstores for Anglos

(Photo by blmurch)

Buenos Aires is a city full of beautiful bookstores and avid readers. For English speakers there are a few specialized bookstores too, where you can get translated Latin American literature and books originally written in English, amongst others.

Walrus Books is a cozy bookstore in San Telmo that specializes in used books in English. Head there to find unique copies of beautiful prose and, if you wish, take your own books in English to trade or use to get discounts! Estados Unidos 617, San Telmo. 4300-7135

Eterna Cadencia is set in Palermo and has a great selection of books both in English and Spanish. Its warm lighting, and dark wooden furniture make this bookstore and publishing house an inviting place to browse. Their spacious cafe is a great place to sit and read or even to just stop by for a coffee break. Honduras 5574, Palermo. 4774-4100.

KEL is a chain bookstore that specializes in English books. They have a very good selection and high prices to show for it. Find the closest KEL to you here.

SBS Libreria Internacional is an international bookstore that sells both online and in different stores around the city.  They also have a selection of books in German, French, Italian and Portuguese, mostly for language learners. Find the closest SBS here.

The Book Cellar is an online bookstore that buys and sells books in English. Browse their online catalogue here.

2 thoughts on “Bookstores for Anglos

  1. There’s also a large English language bookstore (sorry, don’t recall the name) in the galeria below the Staples on Santa Fe at Pueyrredón. And a fairly significant English language section in the bookstore Capitulo I on Junín near Juncal.

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