Art and Technology at Fase 4

(Photo by Xel.)

Starting today, there will be a special art and technology festival in which ecology and sustainability issues will be presented. The event will take place until the 14th of September at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, and is free of charge.

The exhibit will feature a showcase of comics, photography, video installations, mixed media pieces, performances and more. There will also be a homage to Gyula Kosice and different conferences covering topics dealing with art, technology and the environment. From Friday to Sunday at 2pm there will also be a workshop for children aged 5 to 8.

Some of the participating institutions and international guests include the Museo Nacional de La Plata, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Fundación Telefónica and ITAU, Brazilian artist Angela Barbour, Catalan Marta Gracia and Enrique Rivera from Chile, amongst others.

The full program is available for download here. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junin 1930, Recoleta.

What do you think?

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