5 Hot Lunch Spots in Palermo

Baraka: This colorful and lively Palermo venue is only open during the day, and despite not serving alcohol is always full, which is a good sign. Their menu includes salads, sandwiches and dishes -such as the lamb burger- with a Middle Eastern spin. They also have a lovely terrace which is perfect for sunny Spring days.  Gurruchaga 1450, Palermo, 4834-6427

Olsen: Open sandwiches (smørrebrød) made from rye bread and delicious toppings like marinated herring and roast beef with curry sauce are typical in Scandinavian cuisine, and make great lunch options. Olsen specializes in everything Scandinavian including style and serves a very broad selection of vodkas, plus, they have outdoor seating in their garden. Gorriti 5870, Palermo. 4776-7677

Bio: Those who wish to go down the organic, vegetarian and even raw path will definitely love Bio. Their menu is varied and their food delicious and light enough that you can continue sightseeing all afternoon without needing a 2-hour nap in the middle. They have outdoor seating as well and a great selection of tea and juices. Humboldt 2192, Palermo. 4774-3880

Efímero Festín: For a quick sandwich in tasty bread or a salad with many toppings, Efímero Festín is the place to go. They offer top quality gourmet products, plus they have a salad bar to pick your own veggies from, and all in a cozy Palermo style setting.  Uriarte 1411, Palermo.  4831-9867

Hernán Gipponi Restaurant: Known for its elaborate tasting menus and famous brunch, Fierro Hotel’s restaurant also offers fantastic lunch options following its usual standard of quality, creativity and amazing taste. The wine selection is also very good, and there are a few tables outside in the garden. Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220-6820

4 thoughts on “5 Hot Lunch Spots in Palermo

  1. Have you eaten at Olsen recently? The food is uniformly awful and the service worse. The only thing it has going for it is the nice garden space. It used to be pretty good a few years ago but now I really wouldn’t dare recommend it!

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