Day of the Dead at Museo Fernandez Blanco

(Photo by rainy city)

In Mexican tradition, the deceased are remembered in a colorful celebration on the Day of the Dead. During this holiday, family and friends visit altars that are built for those who have passed, with offerings of sweets, marigolds, skulls (calaveritas) and more.

The Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernandez Blanco takes part in this festivity every year. This year it will pay homage to the lives of Mexican author Carlos Fuentes, Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, the Argentine Astor Piazzolla, renowned for his tangos and composition, and Carlos Loiseau “Caloi” who was a famous local cartoonist.

Tonight, starting at 6.30pm, the museum will inaugurate the altar that will be open to the public until the 11th of November.  Additionally, there will be traditional Mexican and Argentine dances. The Museum is also well worth visiting for its collection of Hispanic art, and live concerts.

Museo Isaac Fernandez Blanco. Palacio Noel. Suipacha 1422, Downtown.4327-

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