Fileteado Porteño at Museo de la Ciudad

(Photo by mccopa)

The Museo de la Ciudad showcases all kinds of different aspects of Buenos Aires including permanent exhibits of city doors, toys, musical instruments, advertisements and more. Last Saturday it added a new permanent collection that features a typical porteño style of painting called Fileteado Porteño.

This typical Argentine painting style dates back to the nineteenth century when it was first used as a decoration for horse drawn carts used to transport foods. It was progressively developed as a way of advertising and because big letters were taxed, the focus was placed on elaborate ornamentation to frame smaller letters. The style also became popular amongst the tango scene and many traditional tango neighborhoods feature ornamented filetes on their walls.  It has since been used as a decoration for accordions, buses, furniture, home fronts and more. A visit to the museum is a great way to learn more about this colorful painting style, as is the Fileteado Porteño Tour. The museum is also showcasing a temporary exhibit on hats.

Museum opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 11am-7pm and on weekends from 1pm to 6pm. Tickets cost 1 peso. Defensa 219, San Telmo. 4331-9855

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