Buenos Aires Jazz Festival

(Photo by eperales)

The Buenos Aires Jazz Festival will be taking place until the 26th of November, promising for a music filled long weekend. The event, which will feature both local and international acts, will also include special classes by international artists, film screenings and a photography exhibit.

Concerts are divided into seven different sections:

–       The international acts section will take place at the Usina del Arte in La Boca and in the Teatro Regio downtown. It will feature live acts by the Alain Jean-Marié Trio/ Cajanegra, Agustín Moya Quinteto / Alain Jean-Marie Solopiano, Dúo Ralph Towner – Javier Girotto / Kirk Lightsey Solopiano, Marc Ducret Trío / Ramon Fossati Glowing Trío, John Hollenbeck Quintet / Kirk Lightsey Trío, and Banda Mantiqueira.

–       The outdoor shows section will feature free shows on the outdoor terrace of the Centro Cultural Recoleta and the Anfiteatro Parque Centenario.

–       The jazzology section will also take place at the Centro Cultural Recoleta and features a jazz program directed by Carlos Inzillo who has brought different artists together to promote the local jazz scene.

–       There will also be an unplugged section that will feature free concerts at the Centro Cultural Recoelta’s El Aleph auditorium.

–       Every evening staring at 11.30pm there will be a jam session at La Trastienda with renowned local jazz musician Gillespi.

–       The special projects section will also take place in La Trastienda and will feature free concerts presenting new records and concepts by different artists.

–       Finally, Cruces is the section destined to bringing local and international artists together on the same stage. Upcoming concerts taking place at Cafe Vinilo and Notorious include: Danny Grissett & Jeanfrançois Prins + Juan Manuel Bayón & Luciano Ruggieri, Ugonna Okegwo, Adam Cruz & Mark Aanderud + Alejandro Demogli & Mariano Loiácono, Louis Winsberg + Ezequiel Dutil, Hernán Mandelman & Sophie Lüssi, Gilles Naturel & Philippe Soirat + Tomás Fraga & Manuel Fraga, David Gilmore & Agustín Moya + Mariano Sivori & Tomas Babjaczuk, Alfio Origlio, Jérôme Regard & Raimundo Santander + Hernán Hecht, Eric Echampard, Bruno Chevillion & Joel Holmes + Luis Nacht, and Judy Niemack & Paula Shocron Trío.

The Centro Cultural Recoleta will also feature free film screenings and a photography exhibit. Additionally, there will be special workshops and classes offered by some of the international artists who have been invited to the event.

The full festival program is available here.

Tickets for special workshops, international concerts and Cruces concerts are available for purchase here.

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