We Recommend: Fuudis Gourmet Tours

(Photo by Il Primo Uomo)

One of the great pleasures of travel is getting to know the cuisines of the cities we visit.  Buenos Aires has a lot to offer in that regard, and not only in the realm of stake. The last ten years have seen a boom in the city’s gourmet culinary industry and there is much to sample and savor.

Fuudis, which offers unique gourmet tours in the city, is the perfect way to get to know this delicious side of BA. Their tours, which take place on weekdays from 8.30pm to 11.30pm, include stops at various restaurants focusing on a different city neighborhood on each tour. The experience however is not only culinary, it is also a fun social event and special way to get to know the city.

Additionally, they organize thematic dinners, and this coming Wednesday, Fuudis will be celebrating their last thematic dinner of 2012.  Their green theme is inspired in the upcoming Christmas festivities. The menu they will be offering is available here and places must be booked by today at the latest at hola@fuudis.com.

More information on Fuudis and gourmet tours here.

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