Into the Past at Casa del Historiador

(Photo by Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)

La Casa del Historiador in San Telmo, known to many as casa del Virrey Liniers, is one of the city’s historical landmarks and dates back to the XVIII century. The house belonged to one of the country´s viceroys,  Santiago de Liniers, who played a key role in the reconquering of Buenos Aires after the British invasions.  It is the only remaining colonial house in the city, preserved for years as such by the Estrada publishing house.  Today, this emblem of the local history belongs to the city government and functions as a museum in which the Buenos Aires colonial period is depicted.

(Photo courtesy of La Perichona)

One of the highlights of this historical landmark is La Perichona Despensa de Comidas, a charming deli inside the house named after the Viceroy’s lover (who has a colorful story of her own). The XVIII century Andalusian patio with outdoor seating is the perfect spot to stop for a bite on a sunny day.

Venezuela 469, San Telmo. 4974-0265.

Downtown Bistro: Dill and Drinks

Set in the heart of the Buenos Aires downtown area, just blocks away from Plaza San Martín, Dill and Drinks combines welcoming decor, scrumptious food and excellent cocktails. The small bistro offers a special summer menu complete with gazpacho, ceviche, vichyssoise and more, and for those who want to stop by in the afternoon, a great selection of tapas. Their cocktails are one of their specialties and they also have a top of the line wine selection. Additionally, their bright 50’s style decor makes for the ideal setting to enjoy a quality meal, delicious drinks and a lovely time in an area where the culinary options are generally limited. If in the neighborhood visiting Plaza San Martín, viewing the Kavanagh building or roaming the Retiro area, then this is definitely a good option to stop for lunch, drinks or dinner.  They also offer cocktail workshops. San Martín 986, Downtown. 4515-0675.

Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Art Collection

(Photo by Johnny Shaw)

Located in Puerto Madero, the Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Art Collection opened to the public in 2008 and showcases one of the most important private collections of the country. Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat was the richest woman in Argentina and was both known for her influence as an executive in the nineties and her interest in art that led her to be president of the National Fine Arts Fund from 1992 to 2003.

Fortabat’s private collection includes works by prominent local artists such as Xul Solar, Berni, Soldi and Petorutti as well as an interesting display of international art including a stunning Turner, a portrait of Amalita herself by Andy Warhol and paintings by Chagall, Dalí, Witjens and more.

Currently the arts center is also showcasing a temporary exhibit of photographs by Aldo Sessa who has captured different corners of the city through his unique lens.

The arts center is open to the public from Tuesdays to Sundays from midday to 8pm in a beautifully located building overlooking Puerto Madero with great views of the docks.  Guided tours in English can be booked in advance at  +54 (11) 4310-6600 or at Tickets are 35 pesos. Olga Cossettini 141, Puerto Madero. 

This Week in Buenos Aires


(Photo by Museo de Antioquia)

The MALBA is featuring a must-see exhibit on Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz. An exhibit by British artist Tracy Emin is also being showcased. Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Recoleta.

In the evening stop by La Peña del Colorado that serves traditional food and stages live shows as well as hosting folklore dances for the community.  From midnight onwards they also encourage the diners to play spontaneous guitar music. (They offer the guitars).  Güemes 3657, Palermo. 4822-1038.


(Photo by jackie_oh)

Weather forecasts anticipate a warm sunny day, ideal for a walk in the ecological reserve in Puerto Madero where you can get the best view of the city!

Polish your Spanish and make new friends at the Tuesday conversation classes organized by Bueno, Dale! Spanish School in different city bars. The hour long practice sessions are open for all levels and all one must do is show up from 7pm to 8pm with a 30-peso fee. The location of each event is announced via Facebook.


(Photo by wallyg)

Take a private tour with Buenos Aires Historico Tours. Their guides are historians and other humanities graduates from the Buenos Aires University and they will show you a unique side of the city!

In the evening, the hip Palermo Shanghai Dragon hosts happy hour and a weekly beerlingual bilingual pub quizAráoz 1199, Palermo



(Photo by Jack Zalium)

The stunning Museo de Arte Decorativo (MNAD) has reopened and is well worth visiting on a forecasted grey Thursday. Av. Libertador 1902, Palermo.

Later on stop by La Catedral in Almagro where you can take a tango lesson starting at 7.30 pm or 9pm. Sarmiento 4006, Almagro.


(Photo by PabloBD)

Head to the Dorrego Flea Market in Palermo, which is often overlooked and is the perfect place to go on a treasure hunt.  Antiques and curious finds are waiting to be dug up and claimed in this charming neighborhood market. Open Tue-Sun 10am-7pm.  Av.Dorrego and Conde.

Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by r2hox)

Remember to make a reservation for Hernán Gipponi’s unique must-try brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays! Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800.

Stop by the Juan Gatti exhibit in the Sivory museum behind the Palermo Rosedal and then head to the Planetarium where an audiovisual exhibit by the same artist is being screened.

PM Open air music– Outdoor live music, art and more merge in this new Saturday event which takes place in Palermo from 2pm to 9pm. Paraguay 4905, Palermo

Find a ten-day weather forecast here and don’t forget to stop for ice cream at one of these fantastic Buenos Aires heladerias!

Weekend Getaway to San Pedro

(Photo by jackie_oh)

In the Buenos Aires Province, just 164 km away from Buenos Aires city, is San Pedro, a great place for a weekend getaway that sits on the banks of the Paraná River.  The location is known amongst porteños as the closest place for nature and consequently the rural town has a strong touristic activity. Its attractions include the 19th century historic town center, water sports, fishing, horseback riding and several plant nursery and fruit routes where it is possible to visit blueberry and orange farms (such as La Campiña).

(Photo by M. Martin Vicente)

Another typical San Pedro attraction is the ensaimada, a typical Spanish pastry that the town has adopted as its own and has perfected over time. Some panaderias show how they are made and welcome visitors to try making their own.

(Photo by lrargerich)

Where to stay: Hotel San Pedro Palace, the oldest hotel in the town which dates back to 1898 and is spick and span due to recent renovations.

Hot Summer Nightspot: Soria

(Photo by fibroblast)

Set in the heart of Palermo, Soria offers the perfect summer hangout since 2012. The outdoor terrace and patio are the bar’s big attraction although it has indoor refuge for the occasional stormy day. Deck chairs, plants and starry skies but also great drinks and DJs make it a place for both relaxing with a cold beer and dancing the night away. Soria also serves bar food and has a spot to park bicycles, keeping up with all the latest city trends. Gorriti 5151, Palermo. 4832-1745.

Tina Modotti at the Centro Cultural Borges

(Tina Modotti, Workers Parade, 1926. dr jk)

Buenos Aires is brimming with art and one of the most interesting artists on display at the moment is Tina Modotti, a multifaceted Italian photographer with a life full of adventure. The talented artist was a Hollywood actress for a brief period. She was also an activist against fascism in Italy, and she participated in the Spanish Civil War, in the Communist Party in Moscow and in the Mexican post-revolution.

The exhibit showcases her photographs of Mexico where she befriended Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros.  It is taking place in the Centro Cultural Borges until the 12th of February from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm and Sundays from midday to 9pm. Tickets cost 30 pesos.  Viamonte and San Martín, downtown. 5555-5359,

Spanish Conversation Class in City Bars

(Photo by Arthaey)

Travelers who wish to practice their Spanish and meet other travelers while they’re at it can join the Tuesday conversation groups that take place in different bars around town.  The hour long practice sessions organized by Bueno, Dale! Spanish School in BA are open for all levels and all one must do is show up from 7pm to 8pm with a 30 peso fee. The location of each event is announced via Facebook.

And while you’re in Buenos Aires don’t miss the chance of introducing some fun lunfardo slang into your vocabulary and putting it to practice!


This Week in Buenos Aires


(photo by Vincenzo Caico)

Don’t miss the new photography exhibit at the Centro Cultural Borges, which displays the renowned Italian photographer Tina Modotti’s portraits of Mexican culture.  Viamonte and San Martín, downtown. 5555-5359.

Liven your evening at La Bomba del Tiempo a percussion orchestra that has become one of the local absolute musts.  For some great post dancing pizza, head to nearby Los Cocos and order a fugazetta pizza, an onion and mozzarella local specialty.


(Photo by barbutti)

Guided tours at 3pm of The Manzana de las Luces, an old Jesuit residence from the 1700’in the San Telmo area, are well worth taking! Peru 272, San Cristobal.

In the evening, starting at 9pm, don’t miss the Grin Go! Stand up comedy in English at the Café Rivas in San Telmo. Estados Unidos 302, San Telmo.


(Photo by  ::d::)

Summer is the perfect time to visit Tigre, in the Paraná delta, criscrossed by small rivers and streams. This untamed location surrounded by nature has a variety of attractions and excursions including canoeing and kayak, trekking, motorboat and commuter boats to take you to different places on the riverside, restaurants, spas, teahouses, picnic sites, a naval museum, an art museum, a mate museum, a casino, a crafts fair and an amusement park.

In the evening stop by Boris Club de Jazz where there will be live music at 10 pm by Guaruba, who fuse Guaraní and Cuban rhythms. Gorriti 5568, Palermo. 4777-0012.


(Photo by Museo de Antioquia)

The MALBA is featuring a highly recommended exhibit on Colombian artist Oscar Muñoz. Also on display is a showcase of videos by British artist Tracy Emin. Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Recoleta.



(Photo by juanpol)

Book your place for a special lunch with the Argentine Experience who will give you the 411 on everything local and feed you great Argie meat and more! They also organize mate and dulce de leche tastings. More information here.

In the evening stop by Fierro´s Thank Fierro its Friday Happy Hour from 6pm to 8.30 pm and then head to one of the best speakeasies in the city! Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220-6800.

Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by Rohit Rath)

Remember to make a reservation for Hernán Gipponi’s unique must-try brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays! Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800.

PM Open air music– Outdoor live music, art and more merge in this new Saturday event which takes place in Palermo from 2pm to 9pm. Paraguay 4905, Palermo

Also on Saturday, there will be live Japanese music at the Jardín Japonés in Palermo at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.  Av. Figueroa Alcorta and Av. Casares. Palermo.

Find a ten-day weather forecast here and don’t forget to stop for ice cream at one of these fantastic Buenos Aires heladerias!

Mexican Tasting Menu at HG Restaurant

Mexican flavors will be making their way into HG Restaurant on Saturday evening as Mexican guest chef Antonio de Livier and our very own Hernán Gipponi join forces to cook up a colorful tasting menu full of flavor and spice.

The menu kicks off with Baja California style battered fish, white fish sashimi, sprouts and avocado mousse (paired with top of the line tequila!). Then, two starters follow including shrimp with kumato soup, cucumber and strawberries and crispy flour tortillas with pig trotters in Mexican green mortajada sauce, fried oysters, radishes and sour cream.  The main courses include catch of the day with pipían sauce, humita and fennel, creamy rabbit rice with mushrooms and leeks, and veal cheeks sous vide, Oaxaca mole, green squash, spiced carrots and watercress.  Finally, for the sweet part of the menu there will be a pre-dessert of yacaratía (an Argentine tree with an edible trunk), with blue goat cheese from Entre Ríos and sweet chili, and then a dessert of passion fruit and yoghurt with strawberry, mango and carob granita.

The tasting menu costs 290 pesos per person and includes wine parings. Book your place in advance at 3220-6820. Fierro Hotel. Soler 5862.