2013’s Hottest Spots for Drinks Outdoors

Unicorn Huset– This popular bar in Palermo not only attracts the trendiest crowd but also has a great terrace for warm summer nights. Honduras 5730, Palermo.

Rey de Copas- A new addition to the Palermo scene, this spacious and well decorated bar has a small courtyard which is very nice of course, but the highlight of the place is the retractable roof which opens in the summer to let the fresh air in. Gorriti 5176, Palermo.

Sky Bar– On the 13th floor of the downtown Pulitzer Hotel is this stylish open bar with city views and starry sky above. Maipú 907, Downtown.

Milion– A classic in the Recoleta area, this renovated three-story house has a lovely terrace, a garden, and plenty of seating space in the ample rooms inside. Paraná 1048, Downtown.

Congo: Congo Bar is one of the hottest nightspots in the Palermo scene and there is good reason for it. Trendy locals line up at the door well into the night to enjoy the bar’s famous “Bossa Nova” drink in the garden, the Congo jewel. Honduras 5329, Palermo. 4833-5857

Fierro Hotel Happy Hour– Our popular Friday event is about to kick off again next week so stay tuned! Soler 5832, Palermo.

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