Light and Fresh Lunches in Buenos Aires

(Photo by a song under the sugar sugar)

Get ready for rooftop pooling and evening drinks outdoors because the Porteño summer is about to make its hot hot mark, and although meat may be the local staple, lunching on salads and juices might be a better option to remain fresh whilst visiting city attractions.  Below, our pick of places to stop by for something light and fresh.

Quimbombó: Overlooking Plaza Armenia in Palermo, this healthy restaurant offers vegetarian cuisine, fresh refreshing juices of all kinds and a lovely terrace to sit outside. Costa Rica 4652, Palermo.

Cusic: Wraps, salads and sandwiches are all perfect summer lunches and easy to enjoy at this hidden Palermo gem that serves homemade cuisine in a great setting including a lovely terrace-garden. El Salvador 6016, Palermo. 4139-9173.

 Salgado Alimentos: Set in Villa Crespo, near the outlets, this small and inviting Italian restaurant specializes in pasta, however they are also known for their savory salads with less common ingredients such as artichokes or passion fruit vinaigrette.  Ramírez de Velazco 401, Villa Crespo. 4854-1336.

I Central Market: Puerto Madero is definitely a summer hot spot and Central Market is the perfect place for sitting outdoors overlooking the river and eating a salad or a sandwich. Azucena Villaflor and Olga Cosentini, Puerto Madero.  5775-0330.

Hierbabuena– In San Telmo a great place for a light lunch is this restaurant that focuses on healthy eating and offers a nice spot outdoors to sit.  Av. Caseros 454, San Telmo.

Find a great list of BA salad suggestions here.

Looking for a fresh snack on the go? many neighborhood supermarkets and verdulerias (vegetable shops) sell ready made fruit salads.

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