New in Town: Florería Atlántico


Florería Atlántico, the coolest new bar in town, is located in the Retiro area and combines everything that makes Buenos Aires great.  This bar brings together Argie parrilla delicacies, music and perfect cocktails, and includes a winery, a record shop and a flower shop to greet you with the fresh perfume of roses and jazmines. Whether you’re in the area touring some of the great spots that are around it, or want to impress a certain someone, this is one of those places that is worth while stopping in anytime of day.

Florería Atlántico opens from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 3am and the restaurant and bar only open at night.  Arroyo 872, Retiro. 6761-2908

Autumn/Winter Fashion at BAF Week

(Photo by kevin.j)

Summer is coming to an end and that means getting ready to flaunt coats, sweaters and scarves.  Starting today, the latestest trends for the cold dark months to come will be on display at La Rural during the first BAF week of the year.

For this edition of Buenos Aires Fashion Week, designers paired up with illustrators, combining  the two disciplines. The designer/illustrator pairs are Cora Groppo and Naomi Preizler; Noelia Miguenz and Andy Mermet; Emilse Benitez and Valeria Boquete; Mariana Dappiano and Hebe Gardes; Garza Lobos and Gabi Piserchia; Nev and Federico Rozo; Martín Churba and Clara Zuleta Ferrari; Evangelina Bomparola and Pablo Bernard; Vero Ivaldi and Nik  and Kostume and Patricio Oliver.

What can we expect for the seasons to come? deep blues, bright greens and malbec bordeaux, and all sorts of fabrics including tulles, jacquard and more.

 Find the full list of runway shows here.

This Week in Buenos Aires


(Photo by Gijlmar)

If you´re planning to visit the city center to see the Obelisco, or to take a tour of the Colón Theatre, head to the Palacio de Aguas Corrientes (palace of running waters) on Cordoba Avenue and Riobamba first.  Originally built as a disguise for a water tower meant to provide clean drinking water to the people after the 1877 outbreak of yellow fever, the stunning palace now works as Aguas Argentinas’s headquarters (the local water company) and also as a museum. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-1pm. Riobamba 750 – 1° Piso. 6319-1104.

In the evening, French singer and songwriter Laetita Sadier will be staging a live show at Boris Club de JazzGorriti 5568, Palermo. 4777-0012.



(Photo by Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)

Don’t miss the latest Argentine fashion at the BAF Week which kicks off on Tuesday. For this Autumn- Winter season fashion designers and illustrators paired up to show inspiring ways of keeping warm and staying pretty.

Later on, stop by the trendy Palermo Club Niceto for Andrew Bird’s live show. The renowned multi-instrumentalist indie artist will be playing starting  9pm.  Tickets here.


(Photo by r2hox)

Stop by the Juan Gatti exhibit in the Sivory museum behind the Palermo Rosedal and then head to the Planetarium where an audiovisual exhibit by the same artist is being screened.

In the evening, the hip Palermo Shanghai Dragon hosts happy hour and a weekly beerlingual bilingual pub quizAráoz 1199, Palermo


(Photo by oso)

Weather forecasts anticipate sunny days and perfect temperatures, ideal for a walk in the ecological reserve in Puerto Madero where you can get the best view of the city!

Later on stop by the stunning Colón Theatre where Sleeping Beauty is being projected in 3D from Tuesday’s to Saturday’s at 8pm.  Cerrito 628, Downtown.


(Photo by avlxyz)

Book your place for a special lunch with the Argentine Experience who will give you the 411 on everything local and feed you great Argie meat and more! They also organize mate and dulce de leche tastings. More information here.

Later on stop by La Catedral in Almagro where you can take a tango lesson starting at 7.30 pm or 9pm. Sarmiento 4006, Almagro.

Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by Rock Cousteau)

Remember to make a reservation for Hernán Gipponi’s unique must-try brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays! Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800.

PM Open air music– Outdoor live music, art and more merge in this new Saturday event which takes place in Palermo from 2pm to 9pm. Paraguay 4905, Palermo

Elton John will be playing at Estadio Velez Sarsfield on Saturday. Get your tickets here.

Find a ten-day weather forecast here and don’t forget to stop for ice cream at one of these fantastic Buenos Aires heladerias!

Check-in: Craig Le Grice

Craig Le Grice is from London, and first visited Buenos Aires in February 2011.  A global director for an advertising network, he talks about his check-in and check-out experience in Argentina.

checkin craig1. What brought you to Buenos Aires?

I first travelled for business, working in the city for a week. I’ve been back subsequently for work and pleasure.

2. Reveal a secret you unearthed about the city while you were here!

It’s not a secret but my tip to everyone is to always explore Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay while they’re there – and upgrade to Primera class to enjoy comfortable chairs and Champagne!

3. Which is your favourite BA neighbourhood and why?

I love all of Palermo and will always choose to stay there. But the neighbourhood that captured my heart was San Telmo

4. How would you spend the perfect day in BA?

Long breakfasts, long lunches, long dinners, long nights partying. Padded out with shopping, swimming, sightseeing and speaking Spanish!

5. What did you appreciate the most about the Fierro when you stayed there?
I loved three things most of all: the beautiful design; the amazing service and friendly staff; and the delicious menu at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant.G_brunch-15

Behind Closed Doors: Ilatina

(Photo by sean dreilinger)

Finding Colombian food in Buenos Aires was not so easy, and probably still isn’t, unless you’ve heard of Villa Crespo’s closed door restaurant I Latina. This new addition to the Porteño scene was created by Colombian brothers Santiago and Camilo Macías, who are making a name for themselves with their colorful 5 step tasting menus.  Each week their menu changes and the flavor of each dish brings out some aspect of Latin American cuisine, with a strong Colombian influence.

The restaurant is set in a beautiful old renovated house in Villa Crespo and is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays for dinner. Reservations must be made in advance. More information here.   4857- 9095.

Creme de la Creme Tours

(Photo by byfer / Fernando Ocaña)

Buenos Aires is a great city for shopping as there is something for every taste and at Creme de la Creme Tours they know this and have put together several different options for visitors looking to land in the perfect shopping spots.

They offer four tours, Savvy, Souvenir, Offbeat and Artscene.

The Savvy tour is perfect for travelers who want to head straight into the Argentine designer scene. (BAF Week is coming up for this crowd of tourist fashionistas too, so stay tuned. )

As the name implies, Souvenir is for buying typical Argentine products such as mate gourds, leather, silver and more. The great thing about this tour is that it allows for instant access to quality souvenirs, while avoiding tourist scams.

Offbeat is for the eccentric spirits who are on the quest for great vintage finds. Buenos Aires is a great spot for this and Creme de la Creme doesn’t stop at clothes but also includes books, records and more on their tour.

Finally, the Artscene tour is the perfect way to get to know the who is who in contemporary local art.

To book a tour, contact Creme de la Creme at

Art on Paper at the MNBA

(Photo by Context Travel)

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, in Recoleta, is showcasing an exhibit that focuses on paper as an artistic medium.  The exhibition displays European art from the late XIX and XX centuries and includes drawings and prints.

The display is organized thematically into eight categories: sketches and preliminary studies, nudes, the human figure both as an individual and a group, portraits, allegories and emblems, urban landscapes and paper as a means of communication.

Amongst the collection are works by Georges Rouault, , Felice Carena, Carlos Carra, Felice Casorati, Picasso, and Federico García Lorca.

The exhibition is open to the public until the 3rd of March. Opening hours are Tuesday’s to Friday’s from 12.30pm to 8.30pm and Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 9.30am to 8.30pm.  Av. Del Libertador 1473, Recoleta. 5288-9999.